Assistant Director – Planning Policy and Development



Environmental, Planning, Regeneration & Neighbourhood Services


£73,710 - £77,983 per year

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£71k - £90k

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Full time



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Visionary, dedicated and ambitious – that’s you. And this is your chance to play a vital role in the transformation of two councils moving as one.

You’ll bring an expert touch to leading our planning policy and development teams, including areas such as planning enforcement, design and conservation, and building control. It’s about providing thousands of people with the quality, value for money services they deserve - while always keeping our vision and values in mind. Positive and collaborative, you’ll foster beneficial relationships across the councils. That way, we’ll be more united, working towards the same goals.

An inspiring leader, you’ll motivate your teams to excel and achieve incredible results for our communities. It means making sure everyone has clear direction, with all the support they need to go above and beyond. As part of this, you’ll take pride in guaranteeing our high standards never waver.

With your proven track record, developing spot-on planning strategies will come naturally. But it’s your business acumen that really sets you apart. It’s why people of all levels will trust and rely on your advice. Degree-qualified (or equivalent), you’ll also bring substantial experience in a range of planning and development matters. No matter what, you’ll champion best practice and look to the future.

Please visit www.build-a-legacy.co.uk to take the next step and apply.

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Cherwell District Council & South Northamptonshire Council

United Kingdom

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