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  • Rejected recommendations a travesty for food waste

    In November, the government publicly rejected recommendations from a group of senior MPs on the best way to tackle food waste. Philip Simpson discusses why this move is yet another unnecessary setback for the UK

    Nearly six months on from the submission of food waste reduction guidelines from the environment, food and rural affairs committee, DEFRA finally published its response to this challenging report. A lukewarm response at best, two key recommendations were rejected – the adoption of a national food waste reduction target (which would bring the UK in line with the EU), as well as the requirement of all large food businesses to publish their waste figures.

  • From military base to ‘green town’

    Being asked to incorporate biodiversity into a new development is challenging enough, but imagine being asked to help transform a former military base into a ‘green town’ that will become home to 22,000 people by 2030.

    That’s precisely the challenge set by East Hampshire District Council and the Whitehill and Bordon Regeneration Company to consultants EPR, which has been working on plans to turn the former military garrison into a healthy and eco-friendly place to live.